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Celebrate a little piece of music history with Dave Kull!

15 years after the release of the debut album "STONES" Dave releases the compilation album Good To Me on February 17th, 2023 with a total of 17 songs, including the brand new single Good To Me.
This album offers an impressive collection of the best songs by the Zurich singer-songwriter. Good To Me embodies the lightness and hope that characterizes Dave Kull's music and is deeply rooted in his personality. Relive Dave Kull's musical journey or rediscover it for the first time with his compilation album!

Dave Kull is a singer & songwriter from Zurich, Switzerland. He has shown his musical talent in various formations for more than twenty years and has not only gained experience in songwriting for his own music but started also writing for other artists and matured into a very capable co-writer. His distinctive voice immediately fascinates and touches one’s soul.



Album - 2008

Everything Changes_Cover.jpg

Single - 2020

Single - 2010

COVER FINAL_5000X5000_Love Break Through

Single - 2020

Album - 2013


EP - 2021

Single - 2017

HTL Cover_DK.jpg

Single - 2022

Single - 2018

photo_2022-10-19 21.12.03.jpeg

Single - 2022

Dave Kull - Tattoo Cover.jpg

Single - 2018

Good To Me Cover (9).png

Single - 2022

Broken but beautiful EP.jpg

EP - 2019


Album - 2023


I have been writing and co-writing songs for over two decades! You can send me your song and get a professional feedback which will help you improve your songwriting skills or you can hire me to help you finish your song or topline over your track!

Here's a selection of co-writes I did.


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